Armor Blade

Armor Blade 1.12.0

A strategic, role-playing adventure tower-defense game that is centered on the battle arena theme.

A great strategy role playing game with great visuals. View full description

A great strategy role playing game with great visuals.

Armor blade is a game in the same vein as many other strategy role playing games on the market. Collect troops, build an army, amass experience to upgrade your troops and then pit your army against other players or the games single player missions. As you explore the map, you'll be able to discover new battle grounds, fight new enemies and find hoards of amazing treasure and equipment.

Use found treasure and equipment to make your troops better and able to advance into even harder missions and discover more exotic landscapes and battle grounds. As the player you'll choose one of three powerful heroes that will be in charge of commanding your army. Each hero has access to different magic spells and items that will be powerful aids in the battles to come.

One of the most appealing parts of Armor Blade is the distinctive art style. Shying away from realistic and graphic, the troops and minions you'll find are comical and cartoon-y. The aesthetic is great and the overall ton of the game is of a fun, light hearted adventure.

There's nothing light hearted about the combat system, however. Placing your troops on the battle ground in preparation for a battle takes thought and deliberation if victory is to be achieved. Each troop has special skills that must be considered and used in the correct way to fully maximize their potential.

When you've built your army and tested your tactics, it's time to launch attacks against other players! Join an Alliance and participate in exciting player versus player combat. Epic boss creature raids are available as well to truly put your battle tactics and veteran troops to the test.

Armor Blade is a fun fantasy strategy role playing game available for Android OS smart phones and tablets. For those looking for a fun, free strategy game with a great art style and a sense of humor along with deep tactical options, then this is the game for you.

Armor Blade is a strategic, role-playing adventure tower-defense game that is centered on the battle arena theme.

Adorned with a beautiful, vibrant environment and powerful skeletal animation, this game is unlike any before. Players have the freedom to personalize their hero with an array of specialized armor as well as a plethora of magical spells and items. The revolutionary adventure mode is a unique feature that allows players to explore over 100 different maps as they seek out lost treasure and battle to the death with players from around the globe. This is what stands in the way of your hero as they attempt total supremacy in "Armor Blade".

World's first multiplayer, strategic, roleplaying battle game

Maps crawling with tons of monsters to slay

Creative spells to arm your hero to avoid the Jaws of Defeat

Customizable characters with an abundance of various equipment

Original map navigation system, adorned with a multitude of treasure to discover

Armor Blade


Armor Blade 1.12.0